Olman Takes Second Shot At Double Dip

(Columbus) State Representative Lynn Olman (R-Maumee) dropped his second bill of the 125th General Assembly on Wednesday, re-introducing legislation to prohibit elected officials from collecting a pension from the state’s Public Employees Retirement System and a salary at the same time.

The practice, termed “double-dipping”, received much media attention and public outcry following the announcement of Lucas County Commissioner candidate Sandy Isenberg in early August of 2002 that if re-elected, she would retire from her seat for one day in order to collect her salary and her pension. She later changed her decision but still lost her re-election bid.

“I view this past election as a sort of referendum on the issue,” Rep. Olman said. “It is clear that the general public does not wish to allow elected officials to collect their retirement on top of their pay.”

Rep. Olman said he understood that double-dipping was created under the law in order to keep qualified and experienced teachers in Ohio. He added that he wasn’t aware why elected officials were included.

“The general public doesn’t have this option available to them,” said Rep. Olman. “And I don’t think it’s very fair that certain elected officials can do this, and that is why I’ve introduced this bill.”

The bill will be assigned a number on Friday and is expected to be referred to the House Retirement and Aging Committee.

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