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Be Responsible This Holiday Season
State of the State
Remember Our Fallen
Inside Indepencence Day
Consumer Education Plan is Ready to Help Ohioans Prepare for Electric Choice
Do Not Call Gets Great Reception -7/17/03
Support Our Troops -4/7/2003
A New Term -1/22/2003
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. -1/17/2003
Creating Energy Certainty in an Uncertain Environment -9/2002
A Beautiful Mind -4/2002
Area Legislator Has Brush With Death -10/2000
Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft - 8/2000
First Six Months of 2000 Proves Successful For 123rd General Assembly - 6/2000
Flag Day - 6/2000
Memorial Day 2000 - 5/2000
With Spring Comes Traditional Holidays and Family Togetherness - 4/2000
Child Abuse Prevention Month Reminds Ohioans: You Have the Power of Prevention - 4/2000
Legislation Introduced to Create Ohio Conservation and Revitalization Fund - 3/2000
Census 2000: Make it Count - 2/2000
Celebrate President's Day - 2/2000
State of the State - 1/2000
Holidays a Time for Appreciating Family - 12/1999
Veteran's Day - 11/199
Legislature Continues to Provide Tax Relief for Ohioans - 9/1999
Memorial Day 1999 - 5/1999
Limited Home Rule Townships - 5/1999
Fourth of July Celebrates Our Country's Independence - 7/1998
Budget Correction Bill Provides Funding and Programs for Special Education - 6/1998

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I-280 Bridge
I was honored to work with the Northwest Ohio legislative delegation to make the Veterans Glass City Skyway a reality


The Valentine Theatre
I was happy to co-sponsor support in the State Capital budget for restoration of the Valentine Theatre.


Jeep is the heart and soul of Northwest Ohio manufacturing. I was honored to be a part of the task force to 'Keep Jeep' in Toledo.







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