2003 News Stories

Untreated Mental Illness Costs State a Bundle 12/07/03
Lawmakers Weigh in on I-280 Span’s Name 11/11/03
Fighting for Mental Help 10/27/03
The Quest for Parity 9/18/03
SBC's Next Target Could be Ohio 6/4/03
Relocation of 3 State Jobs Irks Olman 5/3/03

2002-2001 News Stories

Relocation of 3 state jobs irks Olman 5/3/03
Legal Loophole: Olman urges panel to end ‘double dip’ 11/21/02
Ujvagi bests Roy to claim seat in House District 47 - 11/6/02
Taft’s trip back to town crosses another bridge - 11/1/02
Our Legislative Choices - 10/30/02
46th District contest pits change against experience - 10/18/02
Olman, Latta introduce bill to plug ‘double-dipping’ loophole - 8/30/02
Olman to draft bill that would end double-dipping - 8/16/02
Stalled Ohio Bill Aims to Help the Mentally Ill - 5/6/02
Bill to Name New Bridge Over Maumee Still Up in the Air - 5/2/02
Ohio Official to Lead Panel on Improving Mental Health - 4/30/02
The Smart Mandate - 9/2/01
Require Insurers to Pay Mental-Health Bills - 8/31/01
Battlefield Preserved! - 8/3/01

2000 News Stories

Mental Health Parity Pushed - 10/2/00
Bypass Foes Turn Out for ODOT - 10/2/00
For Local Candidates, Web is Low-Key Tool - 10/1/00
Area Legislators Discuss School Tests - 9/27/00
Bill is Accused of Double Standard - 9/27/00
Hospital Records Costly - 9/24/00
Tree-Huggers? It Depends on Whom You Ask - 9/24/00
Olman Strives to Cut Records Cost - 9/20/00
First Electric Deregulation Option to be at Polls - 9/4/00
Electric Deregulation: Lessons from California - 8/27/00
Olman/Taft Meet with Local Education Officals - 8/26/00
Council Expected to OK Ballot Issue on Electric Power - 8/18/00
Taft Signs Olman Bill that Bans 'Debarking' Vicious Dogs - 7/13/00
Fallen Timbers Approval Expected - 6/20/00
Olman Joins Taft Signing of Capital Budget - 6/16/00
Olman Votes to Reduce Estate Taxes - 5/25/00
Olman Votes to Raise Fine for Blocking Tracks - 5/10/00
Olman's State-Job Bill - 5/4/00
Springfield Twp: Olman Brings State Assistance - 3/22/00
Who will emerge on top? Under term limits, who knows? - 2/8/00
Maumee Cites Olman as Outstanding Citizen - 2/3/00
Olman Moves to Cut the High Cost of Copies - 1/20/00

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I-280 Bridge
I was honored to work with the Northwest Ohio legislative delegation to make the Veterans Glass City Skyway a reality


The Valentine Theatre
I was happy to co-sponsor support in the State Capital budget for restoration of the Valentine Theatre.


Jeep is the heart and soul of Northwest Ohio manufacturing. I was honored to be a part of the task force to 'Keep Jeep' in Toledo.







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