Letter to the Editor
Maumee School Levy

The Maumee City School District has two critical issues on the May 6th ballot. Passage of these issues will help ensure future generations receive the same quality education that many of us received and our children enjoy today.

As your representative in the Ohio House of Representatives over the past eight years, I have become very familiar with the complexities of school funding. State money is distributed to the 612 school districts across Ohio based on a community’s property wealth. Maumee is considered wealthier than most which means it will receive fewer state dollars.

This leaves Maumee City Schools with no other option than to increase revenue through local property tax levies. The Maumee City School District last asked the taxpayers to approve an operating levy in 1996. When compared to most districts across the state of Ohio, staying off the ballot for seven years is considered excellent. Maumee’s wise use of tax dollars is an example of solid fiscal planning and leadership on the part of the Board of Education and the administration of our school district.

Maumee school facilities are in great need of major renovation to prepare them for the first half of this century. The school district does a remarkable job of keeping buildings clean and safe: however, students do not enjoy the modern learning environment provided in many of our neighboring communities.

As a lifelong resident of Maumee, I urge you to join with me in voting for the future of our schools and our community. Passage of issue 4 and 5 will help to ensure that Maumee remains a great place to live, to work, and most important, to educate our children.


Lynn Olman
46th House District

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