Maumee - State Representative Lynn Olman (R-Maumee) announced today that he is drafting legislation that will prohibit elected officials from retiring to collect PERS benefits and then running for election to that same office where they can then collect a salary as well.

“Its time to close the door once and for all on the loophole that has allowed elected officials to double-dip,” said Representative Olman. He continues: “My constituents are outraged that there appears to be different standards for elected officials and the Ohio Legislature needs to address this concern quickly and decisively.”

Representative Olman and his fellow members in the Ohio House attempted to close the door on this practice in 2001 through Amended Substitute H.B. 84 but it left ajar a provision that allows elected officials to retire from office and receive their pension at the same time that they are running for office as long as they give 90 days notice to the board of elections.

“I believe we, as elected officials who hold the trust of the people, should be held to a higher standard,” comments Representative Olman. He continues: “The legislation I am introducing will do away with the 90 day notice loophole so that the practice of double dipping will be effectively and permanently stopped.”

It is hoped that this issue can be addressed when the House reconvenes for session in November.

“It is time to restore the respect and confidence that the public has in it’s public officials,” Olman said. “I hope that the General Assembly will join me in stepping up to do what is right.”

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