THE cost of photocopying medical records shouldn't make you sick to your stomach. State Rep. Lynn Olman is right on target with legislation to rein in this abuse.

The Maumee Republican wants to set up a fee schedule for doctors and hospitals when they charge for copies of their records. He found instances where such costs reached $22 for copies of two sheets of paper and $612 for 508 pages, he said.

His legislation, which has been revised recently following committee hearings, would set a maximum fee of $20 for the first page. After that the charge for each copy would be no more than 20 cents per page, which is more reasonable than what is being charged now.

The state medical society says that the figures don't reflect the true cost of making copies of medical records. But judging from the costs of making copies at your local copying center, Rep. Olman's figures look pretty close to the target.

Because most firms have a copying machine and someone to make copies, charging a huge fee is usually little more than a rip-off designed to line someone's pocket.

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