Legislation To Name Maumee River Crossing

(Columbus) State Representative Lynn Olman (R-Maumee) announced today that he has introduced legislation naming the new I-280 bridge over the Maumee River as “Veterans’ Glass City Skyway”. The legislation which was introduced for Veteran’s Day and is co-sponsored by Rep. Jeanine Perry (D-Toledo) and Rep. Edna Brown (D-Toledo).

The name was decided on as a result of extensive public input in 2001 during which nearly 7000 citizens submitted names to the Bridge Naming Sub-committee of the Public Participation Committee. Rep. Olman and Rep. Perry were part of the 12 member sub-committee made up of citizens from the community.

“The Ohio Department of Transportation wanted as much public input as possible in designing and naming the new signature bridge and the committee worked hard to make sure that everyone had an opportunity to submit their recommendation,” said Rep. Olman. “Rep. Perry and I also worked hard to keep partisan politics out of the process,” he added.

During the final phase of the naming process the public was asked to choose between 12 of the most popular names that had been submitted. The most popular names selected contained the names “Veterans, Glass City, and Skyway” in them.

“While respecting the input of those who took part in the naming process we chose ‘Veterans’ Glass City Skyway’ to honor the many soldiers who put their lives on the line to keep our nation free, to recognize our rich heritage as the Glass Capital of the World, and finally to illustrate that the new bridge will change the skyline of Toledo forever,” said Rep. Olman.

Rep. Perry added, “Throughout history, veterans have honored us with their service and dedication. With our naming of this bridge, we are paying tribute to all veterans-past, present and future.”

Rep. Edna Brown stated, “The naming of this bridge will serve to recognize both the rich tradition of the city of Toledo and the countless sacrifices that our veterans have made. Once it is completed, this magnificent bridge will serve the residents of Toledo for many generations to come.”

The $220 million bridge is one of the largest and most innovative construction projects in the history of ODOT. In concert with the enormity of the project ODOT was committed to a massive public involvement process. It was from this input that the decision was made to incorporate glass into 420 feet high center pylon to reflect the city’s rich history as a glass producer. The glass panels that will be located on the top 185 feet of the pylon contain 350 LED (light emitting diodes) which can be lit with infinite color combinations.

“The new bridge will serve as Toledo’s new signature. I predict it will become to Toledo what the Golden Gate Bridge is to San Francisco,” said Rep Olman.

The Northwest Ohio legislators are also very proud of the fact that ODOT listened to their recommendations keeping as much of the work local as possible. As a result, ODOT estimates that 70-90% of the bridge contract value comes from local business and labor.

Following introduction the bill will be referred to the House Transportation Committee where it is expected to receive full hearings.

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